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RUSHprofplan-03.pngWelcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page. I'm Professor Plan and I'm here to answer all of your Meal Plan questions! Just click on a question to see the answer!


Meal Plan Basics

Can commuters get meal plans?

Yes! We have Meal Plans designed for ALL students, especially for commuters! We offer a wide range of meal plans ranging from 5-25 meals a week to 30-100 meal passes per semester. Our premium meal passes have been created to allow commuters to use their meals when they want.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my meal plan?

Yes, of course! We understand the need to adjust your meal plan after you get to school and settle into a routine. Your meal plan can be upgraded at any time from the MyHousing/Meal Plans web portal application, and can be downgraded from the same site only once. The downgrade must take place before the start of the third week of the semester.

Do my meals roll over from week to week?

Our Premium and Regular meal plans are based on a weekly schedule and reset every Monday morning at 2:00 am; therefore these meals do not roll over.

What is the Meal Equivalency Program?

The Meal Equivalency Program is designed to allow students to use their meal plan in a retail location setting. The Valaida S. Walker Food Court, the Morgan Hall Food Court, Cosi, Cafe 613 and all of our retail locations around campus use this program. When you use a "Meal Swipe" at any of these locations it has been given a monetary value depending on the meal period. For example, the lunch period meal equivalency value is worth $8.49. This allows you to purchase any items up to $8.49. If you go over $8.49, then you can use Diamond Dollars, Cash or credit to cover the overage.

Do you offer guest meals?

We do not offer guest meals; however, with a Premium plan, any meals allotted can be used as a swipe for a guest.

Do I need to pay for my meal plan as soon as I sign up for it?

No, meal plan costs are posted to a student's tuition bill and are appropriate via whichever payment methods students or parents so choose.

If I purchased meal passes and run out before the end of the semester, can I purchase supplementary passes to add on?

Yes! Visit Morgan Dining Center on J and H Dining Center to purchase a 5, 10 or 15 meal pass that can be used to get you through the semester. These meal passes can only be purchased through Dining Services and work like the Premium Meal Passes sold through Housing.

I've run our of meals for the week! Can I still eat?

You can still visit any of our dining service locations on campus and pay for meals with Diamond Dollars, cash, credit, or debit.

Is there a way for me to get my meals if I've lost my OwlCard?

The only location you are able to eat without your OwlCard is in the Louis J. Esposito Dining Center located in Johnson and Hardwick. If you need this service, request to speak to a supervisor. If your OwlCard is lost or stolen, follow the instruction on the Diamond Dollars Website in order to go about getting a replacement as soon as possible.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?

Visit MyHousing/Meal Plans on the TUPortal (make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off), even if you are living off campus. If you are not sure what meal plan is right for you, take the Meal Plan Matcher.

What is the difference between a meal plan and Diamond Dollars?

Diamond Dollars are just like having a bank account with Temple. Your OwlCard acts as a debit card at many locations on and around campus. Diamond Dollars are tax-free and able to be used at all Temple Dining Services locations. Meal Plans allow you to budget your meals during a semester. Most of our meal plans even come with Diamond Dollars to add additional flexibility.

How do you specify to use a meal or to use Diamond Dollars at the register?

Our cashiers understand that many students want to use different methods of payment, and will often times ask you what method you would like to use. If not, however, you can just tell the cashier how you would like to pay for your purchase.

How are the Diamond Dollars that come with meal plans distributed?

The Diamond Dollars that come with any meal plan are distributed per semester; therefore, say if you sign up for a meal plan that comes with $150 Diamond Dollars, it would be dispersed at the beginning of the semester.

If I run out of meals during the week, will my meal purchases be automatically deducted from my Diamond Dollars?

If you run out of meals during the week, you may use Diamond Dollars, cash, credit, or debit to purchase food.

Do Diamond Dollars "roll over" from week to week?

Diamond Dollars do roll over. Diamond Dollars will remain in your account until you leave the University.

Why do I see a separate charge for Diamond Dollars and my meal plan on my tuition bill?

The Diamond Dollars program is run by a separate office. Often, Diamond Dollars can appear on a tuition bill before the actual meal plan cost itself. Both fees should appear on a student's tuition statement within a few business days of signing up for the meal plan and will add up to the total cost of the chosen meal plan.

I've run out of Diamond Dollars! Is there a way for me to add more Diamond Dollars to my OwlCard?

Diamond Dollars can always be added to your account by anyone who has your TUID (Deposits only). Log into TUPortal and go to the Diamond Dollars link on the sidebar to access your Diamond Dollars account. Anyone else who wants to deposit into a student's account can go to the Diamond Dollars website and follow instructions accordingly.

How many places are there for me to eat on campus?

There is a wide variety of locations on campus. Louis J. Esposito and Morgan Dining Center are "All-You-Care-To-Eat" locations. Valida S. Walker Food Court, located in the Howard Gittis Student Center and Morgan Hall Food Court both have a wide variety of options as well. A map of our locations can be found here.

What kinds of foods are served at the dining locations?

Dining Services prides itself in offering a wide variety of dining options in all of our locations. If you'd like to see what our dining locations are and what they offer, visit the Dining Choices tab and select which campus you are interested in.

Should I get a meal plan if I have special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, celiac, food allergies)?

Yes! We offer plenty of options for groups with special dietary needs at all of our locations to make sure you are getting the food that they need.

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